The Middle East Collection

This Dreame Collection represents a decade of collaborative artistry, a unique fusion of Israeli narratives and the vivid imaginations of our talented artists. Each piece in this selection is a dialogue, a shared vision between a storyteller and a creator, showcasing the multifaceted beauty of co-creation. 

This is more than an artistic endeavor; it is a commitment to our community. Each art print is printed on 265 g. fine art paper, using the highest quality of printing. We can also frame the artwork for you in A3 or A2 sizes with a stunning selection of frames.
Shipped directly to your home or office as a stunning addition to your collection.

By acquiring a piece from this collection, you champion the artists and extend a helping hand, as we pledge 50% of profits to therapeutic art programs aiding those affected by conflict and displacement. This is art with purpose—nurturing healing, fostering solidarity, and elevating the human spirit through collective creativity.

Sincerely Imagined,
Sharonna Karni Cohen
Founder Dreame
A global collective of Artists & Dreamers


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