A drop of ecstasy

A drop of ecstasy

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A drop of ecstasy by SharonnaKC

We seek happiness
Marked by a small movement of the mouth
How many different smiles can we create in one life time? 

Sadness feels so much more
Creating fresh water each time
Tear drop by tear
Pain is naturally felt in the heart 
The sorrow so much deeper.

Happiness, so kind of you to visit
Elation. Floating. Elevating.

One grounds. One flies. 
Can you say hello or goodbye?
Can you meet?
Bitter Sweet.
Must there be a winner?

Those moments of self are with the tears on my face and the smile unraveling its way.
When I don’t even need to say hi or bye. 
I’m here. Feeling. Questioning.
Reflecting. Imagining. Knowing. 

This pain will come again. 
The tears will be different each time.
The smile more familiar. 
Happiness I know you. 
The sadness. New. 

Another dream
Emotions intertwined
I smile and I cry
Dreaming of this with you.

Artist: Chin Tinio