The Big Dream 2048

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There are twenty editions of this artwork left out of forty eight

Until now a range of collectors have purchased the edition including the well known entrepreneur Charles Bronfman and the gallerist Anita Zabludowicz

The Big Dream stands as a monumental homage to Israel's envisioned future, a collective tapestry of aspirations woven into the fabric of the nation's dreams.

We collected thousands of visions for Israel in 2048. We asked the public; many of whom are from Israel: What do you imagine when you look outside your window in 30 years. How would you like this country to be? All of the visions inspired Amit Trainin, professor of art in Bezalel, to create the stunning artwork. 

The piece was digitally scanned and transformed into the world’s largest artwork puzzled together by yoga mats. You can see the video installation here

Artist: Amit Trainin